Welcome to Babyland


Lucas Regazzi
Chris Andrews
Zoe Koke
Saba Heravi

July/juillet 10 – 28, 2017

July/juillet 11, 2017
18 h – 20 h

Exhibition Text

Welcome to Babyland finds inspiration from Vancouver-based collective Image Bank. Michael Morris, Vincent Trasov and friends spent the summers of 1972 and ‘73 on a retreat in British Columbia that they dubbed “Babyland,” studying colour and light through collaborative, ephemeral installation. At Mote Park in early May, Babyland was a place inside our hearts which, like Morris and Trasov’s conception of the monikered space, encouraged a wonder, curiosity and love about the world. This exhibition seeks to explore emotionality and play in a moment of a deep conceptualism in art, exploding the cages of cliché that restrict the legitimacy of sincerity. The permeating quality of regulation: normative standards and assumptions — to all of this we ask, glibly, what is acceptable as serious? What is serious art making, too?

Things, here, come together on the plane of capering within the rigid conventions of our visual cultures (in art, in the everyday,) in a tender search for poetics within them. Morris and Trasov once sent coloured blocks down an unnamed river just to see them fall. Likewise, these art-motes wish to comment on the folly of authoritative visual language and institutional coding in the service of a rigorous play. With this interrogation of convention, both socially binding in art and life, we invite you to commune imaginatively.

“Compilations from Babyland” includes written and image-based works by each artist: four small books bound together with ribbon. A pinhole into the thinkings of Babyland, “Compilations” oozes introspection out of its seams, meditations on experiences and emotions fill each palm-sized page. With the launch of this publication, Babyland (us, it,) invites you to participate in a public reading of poetry or other material(s). All are welcome to bring their work and participate in the reading portion of the vernissage.