Soft Stimuli


Erin Berry
Annik St-Arnaud
Jennifer Lee
Maggie McCutcheon
Marissa Sean Cruz
Carl Cardinal
Catherine Desroches
Manon Pierquet
Cristine Vista

VERNISSAGE: 6–8:30PM + *mini* gallery tour at 7! Thursday, December 6th

EXHIBITION OPEN: 9AM –9PM, Monday–Friday December 3rd-21st, 2018

In our flesh and blood bodies we all eat, drink, sleep, laugh, cry, breathe… but we come to understand our bodies so differently, doing these simple actions in unique ways. Encountering another body may seem the most mundane, trivial experience ― happens all the time. Yet, to understand how another feels their body, how their body works, what it means to them, is an enriching exchange ― learning from one another’s daily lives. In Soft Stimuli, artists open this intimate space between beings.

“Let’s face it. We’re undone by each other. And if we’re not, we’re missing something.” ― Judith Butler

This event is open and free to the public.
Galerie VAV Gallery is wheelchair accessible.
Email to address any accessibility concerns.