Eva Morrison
Isaac Smeele
Alicia Turgeon
Constantinos Giannoussis
Clare Grehan
Thomas Hamlyn
Meghan O’Kill
Daniel Gutiérrez Galicia
Iryna Merkulova
Matthieu Marin

EXHIBITING: August 20th-September 7th, 9am-9pm
VERNISSAGE: September 6th, 6-8pm
VAV X ART MATTERS INFO PARTY: September 6th, 8-11pm

Smelted is about changing states, not unlike smelting -the process through which a metal is made malleable and extracted from its ore. The artists involved make humorous challenges to hegemonic ideals… their self portraits are curious queries into identity… their landscapes are shifting, searching states of mind… their chairs are slipping out from under… jaws unlocked… biting…