Corrupted Portal


Juliana Delgado
Julie-Claude Vezeau-Croteau
Xan Shian
Gabriel Moreau
Petro Psillos
Laura Douglas
Jezabel Plamondon
Scarlet Fountain
Zacharie Potvin Williams
Jenna-Katheryn Heinemann

VERNISSAGE: 6–8:30PM + *mini* gallery tour at 7! Thursday, October 25th

EXHIBITION OPEN: 9AM –9PM, Monday–Friday October 22nd-November 9th, 2018

“People think one-point and two-point perspective is how the world actually looks, but of course, it isn’t. It’s a convention.”
-Roy Lichtenstein

Though we exist here together
We find ourselves thinking of alternate realities
Big and small shifts to our state
Fantasizing about them
Fearing them
Curious or concerned
Through alternates we comment on the past, question the present and reshape the future
These artists have opened fragile gateways through their pieces
Looking for connection
The boundary between their imaginations and our world is strained
The usual is made strange
Welcome to Corrupted Portal
We hope that you have a wonderful trip

This event is open and free to the public.
Galerie VAV Gallery is wheelchair accessible.
Email to address any accessibility concerns.